You know, part of me was really into making this into a professional bio, because, you know I’m a professional of some kind. These days, I’m a professional writer. I’ve been writing about video games for six years. I wander around the internet writing about video games, technology, and pop culture. Some of it’s here. Some of it’s on Medium. Some of it may end up elsewhere (but you can check out my portfolio for some of that nonsense).

And since I’m a freelancer, I’m available for the hirings. Send me an email: nerd AT amandafarough DOT com.

I live with my husband and two small children in British Columbia, Canada. The kids are cute. The husband is oh-so-smart. The apartment is pretty (and oh-so stupidly expensive because oh hey, we live in Vancouver). It’s a good life, this. When I’m not writing, playing video games, or chasing my children around, you can find me podcasting, Twitch streaming, and playing tabletop games. I am a woman of many fandoms.

Cover Image by AENiGMA

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