Since 2010, I’ve been covering games, technology, geek fashion, and internet culture for a variety of enthusiast and mainstream outlets. I specialize in conversations about storytelling, the weird underbelly of nerd culture, and celebrating fandoms through art and cosplay. I’m also a hell of an on-location reporter, with a ton of experience covering shows like E3 and PAX.

I’m available for hire, as of September 2017, for full-time editorial positions and freelance feature writing. Also known for reporting in games, tech, and culture.

You can find my work here, on my portfolio, on Medium, and a variety of other outlets like Mic and Mashable. Email me anytime at nerd AT amandafarough DOT com.

I live in New Jersey with my rather large (and boisterous) family, including two dogs and four children. I’m a west-coast Canadian, born and bred, but my heart has always been in New York City.

Cover Image by AENiGMA

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