Digital Office Hours: An Explanation

Digital Office Hours are from 9am to 3pm ET Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I created these office hours to support and nurture young (especially marginalized) journalists and writers. My focus is in games and tech, but I’m happy to work with journalists from any number of beats, including politics, culture, food, style, etc. I can “beta” read manuscripts and screenplays, but can’t offer more than general feedback on voice and flow. If you’d like to hire me to edit long form pieces (3,000+ word nonfiction stories and full manuscripts), send me an email.

I help writers with:

  • Refining pitches for outlets
  • Short form edits on stories (under 3,000 words)
  • Developing voice and style
  • Understanding themselves to better understand what content to pitch/write

I help site owners with:

  • Developing content strategy and editorial calendars
  • Basic SEO skills
  • General marketing plans
  • Developing revenue streams (high level consult, only)

When in doubt, just send me a question. If I can’t answer it, I’ll send you resources or to a person that can.

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For written inquiries, pitches, and edits

Send me an email:

DM me on Twitter (they’re open): @AmandaFarough

For general conversation and a growing community of writers

There’s a Discord channel for that

The original Twitter thread that started it all