Amanda Farough

Business analyst. Author. Entrepreneur. Podcast host & producer. Freelance narrative designer & games writer. Canadian technomancer in the Jersey suburbs.

About Me

Hey, I'm Amanda.I've been in and around the game industry for the last 13 years, making sense of the business of games (as an analyst and former journalist), helping indie studios thrive (as a producer and bizdev consultant), and making games the best they can be (as a video game consultant and freelance narrative designer & writer).I'm an immigrant and a mom of 4 with a broad range of hobbies and interests. When I'm not working, I'm often chasing my little ones, cooking with my partner, enjoying some time in my little garden, or journaling.I adore weird indie games, sweeping emotional narrative, and a killer cup of coffee.

My Work

My body of work may seem disparate, especially if you look at the last 15 years or so of my work experience, but it all leads to these commonalities: collaboration, connection, & creativity.As a former journalist, I had the honour to meet and talk with developers, creatives, and C-Suite execs from all over the world. As an editor-in-chief and managing editor, I collaborated with some of the most brilliant journalists and creators on their individual journeys to greatness.As a consultant, I connect indie developers with the resources that they need to build their studios and thrive in a high-velocity marketplace like gaming.As a writer and narrative designer, I create stories that gnaw at the psyche and tease at the heart of what makes us human.

  • Co-founder & COO at F-Squared

  • Co-author of Digital Playgrounds book series, published by ETC Press (first book due out 2022)

  • Freelance narrative designer & writer (writing portfolio)

  • Co-host & Producer of the Virtual Economy Podcast

  • Podcast co-host at Engaged Family Gaming

  • Host & Moderator of Next Lev'Elles Conference

  • Ready Player Mom on Twitch, Take This Mental Health Streaming Ambassador

  • Director of Communications at Hit Save!

Get in Touch

Hire me to write, speak, or otherwise collaborate with you and your team by sending me a message below.


I usually return emails within 2-3 business days.I don't work weekends, unless absolutely necessary, so please don't expect a response on a weekend.